Match your fancy Hermes handbags with your shoes

Published: 08th March 2011
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Match your fancy Hermes handbags with your shoes

hermes bags , Calif. -- Therma-Wave, Inc. (Nasdaq:TWAV), a worldwide

leader in the development, manufacture and sale of process control metrology systems used in the manufacture of semiconductors, today announced it has signed an exclusive

representative agreement with Hermes-Epitek Corporation, a top-tier representative for semiconductor equipment firms in Asia, to distribute and service Therma-Wave's leading

edge Therma-Probe and Opti-Probe family of metrology products.In an effort to increase customer satisfaction, expand market share, and improve operating efficiency, Therma-Wave

is transitioning from a direct sales and service model to an exclusive representative model in select Asian markets. Hermes-Epitek will immediately undertake sales efforts for

Therma-Wave metrology products in Taiwan, China, Singapore and Malaysia. Following a transition period of approximately two months. kcxjjgdsskl

When her Monster Ball tour landed recently in Tokyo, La Gagita was seen in the airport carrying a white hermes taschen Birkin inscribed with a message that loosely translates to "I love small monster. Toyko love." In case you're not familiar with the Gaga vernacular,

"little monsters" is the name that she uses to refer to her fans, so her Birkin message was a shout-out to those that would be attending her Japanese shows. Using accessories

and the paparazzi to communicate – clever, or not so much? Regular readers of the blog will know that I'm a huge Lady Gaga fangirl, so I think it's fairly clever. It's not the

most interesting thing she's ever done, but playing with fashion and blurring the lines of social acceptability are two things that are integral to her public image, and not

only does a Sharpie'd Birkin combine those things effectively, but it has managed set tongues wagging all over the internet. Looking through the pictures of an Hermes runway

show can be almost anticlimactic – we know that Jean Paul Gaultier is going to do something brilliant and that Hermes only uses the absolute best in luxury materials and


Beyond mere status symbols mulberry , the firm's goods are the embodiment of simplicity and elegance in extremely

well made and durable products. Whether it be a jacket of meltingly soft leather, a paisley silk dressing gown, a Kelly bag, a valise, or a carré, an Hermés purchase comes with

the assurance that it will be stylish and appropriate for a lifetime. With more than 215 Hermés stores around the world and countless boutiques in high-end department stores in

Europe, Asia, and the U.S., the Hermés name has certainly gained more prominence, but its goods land not in the hands of the masses but in the chosen few. Vlad has forayed into

the world of video. And I am his guinea pig at times, going on the other side of the camera so he can practice. I prefer to direct, and as I direct more I need a director's

chair. I found the perfect director's chair. I. MUST. HAVE. IT. But alas, it is Hermes and the price is out of this world for a chair that I want to fold up and take around when

we create more videos for all of you. So that is why it falls into my Want It Wednesday category. If you're a fan of the Hermes Birkin (or simply not a fan of Lady Gaga), gird

your loins for this one.


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